1.Skin lift and Tightening

      1  .  Micro Needle RF
       2  .  Dermaroller

     1.  Tattoo removal
       2.  Mole removal
       3.  Pigmentation

     1. Hair fall treatment
      2. Skin Rejuvenation

     1. Warts, Skin tags etc.


  • Skin analysis- Skin scope analysis helps one to know about skin type like ,oily / normal or dry skin. which in turn will help in choosing the right treatments and products for your skin concern.
  • Hair scope analysis- Digital Hair scope helps in analysing the scalp health and hair density in different areas of scalp, which will be useful in diagnosing different types of alopecia. This analysis will help in deciding correct treatment plan.
  • Skin biopsy- Skin biopsy is a procedure done in diagnosing certain skin conditions which need detailed microscopic examination for better treatment choice.